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The Event

The Sticklepath Horseshoe is a 9.6-mile self-navigation fell race across the moorland of North Dartmoor.

Athletes are required to pass through 6 'Official Checkpoints' (Skaigh Warren, Belstone Seat, Belstone Tor, Steeperton Tor, Cosdon Beacon, and Skaigh Warren again), however they may take any route they wish to get to those checkpoints.

Friendly volunteer marshalls man the official checkpoints, as well as other points on the 'fastest route'.

The Route for the Race is as follows:

  • Start/Finish SX640939

  • Ford the River Taw and follow the steep bridlepath through the woods and onto the moor to CP 1 - Skaigh Warren SX637935 (Gate to the moor)

  • Contour west around Cosdon, descend to cross the River Taw at Belstone and climb to CP 2 -  Belstone Seat SX620935 (seat on green)

  • Follow the road South to Birch Lake, through the gate onto the moor and climb to CP 3 - Belstone Tor SX614921

  • South along the ridge, when level with Steeperton Tor, cross steep valley and climb to CP 4 - Steeperton Tor SX619888

  • Descend and contour Little Hound Tor, proceed up the ridge to CP 5 - Cosdon Beacon SX636915

  • Descend North to gate CP 6 - Skaigh Warren SX637935. Take care not to go too far East.

  • Retrace outward route through the wood to Start/Finish SX640939

We kindly ask that runners do not race with their dogs or any other animals. Please note that any runner attempting to race with their dogs will be asked to leave their dog somewhere else or they will be prevented from racing.

Please also be reminded that the Sticklepath Horseshoe Fell Race is a senior race, so entrants must be 18 to run. Participants must also understand that they run at their own risk, and that they must have read and understood the FRA race guidelines before they compete.

If you are planning to participate we ask you to please read the following important information

FRA Requirements For Runners

FRA Cold (Hypothermia) Leaflet

Race Licence


FRA Rules for Competitions

Retirement Procedure 

FRA Heat (Hyperthermia) Leaflet

Route & checkpoints

Insurance information


Course Records

Men: J.Parkinson (2016) - 1:08:49

Women: J.Harvey (2009) - 1:29:23

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